2021 Calendar

Formula Three Management Pty Ltd will be running the 2021 Australian Formula 3 Championship in conjunction with the Australian Motor Racing Series (AMRS), you'll see Australia's fastest racing cars:

Round 1 - March 5-7, Sydney Motorsport Park, Sydney (NSW)
Round 2 - April 16-18, Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick (Qld)
Round 3 - June 11-13, Winton Raceway, Benalla (Vic)
Round 4 - August 6-8, Queensland Raceway, Ipswich (Qld)
Round 5 - October 22-24, Wakefield Park, Goulburn (NSW)
Round 6 - December 3-5, The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend (SA)

The 2021 Information Pack is available for download here. It will contain information about rounds, race formats, venues and coverage for competitors in the 2021 season, as well as team contact details for lease drives.

The 2021 Sporting and Technical Regulations are available for download here. This contains all of the rules and regulations for the 2021 Australian Formula 3 Championship.
2021 Information Guide 2019 Sporting and Tech Regs

Formula 3 in Australia

Q: What do you get if you combine the fastest racing cars in the country with Australia's highest potential up-and-coming talent?

A: You get Australian Formula 3.

Australian Formula 3 is Australia's premier open-wheel motor racing category. A fiercely competitive, surprisingly affordable championship that boasts the most authentic Formula style racing experience in the region.

Drivers from more than ten nations including some of Australia's finest young talent, have passed through Australian Formula 3 not only showcasing its ability to provide young drivers with the best proving ground for their talents, but enhancing the competition as well.

Australian Formula 3 is managed by Formula Three Management Pty Ltd, a company formed with the sole purpose of promoting and growing 'Wings and Slicks' racing in Australia. This includes:

  • Providing the most cost-effective international specification open-wheel championship in Australia.
  • Offering the most competitive racing possible.
  • Offer the best 'training base' for drivers seeking to progress their career either in Australia or abroad, OR a stable platform for drivers to simply enjoy driving the fastest racing cars in Australia.

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