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DRIVER ANNOUNCEMENT - Roberts Late Entry into Round 1   
Story By: Administrator  Date: 17/02/2022 at 2:53:12 PM 
R-Tek Motorsport reserve driver Andrew Roberts has been called up last minute for round one of the Australian Formula 3 championship.

The calll up comes after a freak injury to their regular driver for their number seven Delara F3 05 just a week out from the event.
"Iím really excited to get back into these amazing cars, even Morceau with it being the first ever Australian Formula 3 race under lights. That being said itís a shame Dan canít be here this weekend and I wish him a speedy recovery." Roberts said.

Roberts in the R-Tek Motorsport Dallara F307
Roberts in the R-Tek Motorsport Dallara F307

Roberts has previously raced a Dilara F3 02, finishing second in the 2018 national class. "I was fortunate enough to give the car I will be driving this weekend a shakedown run for the new paddle shift system R-Tek Motorsport have installed on their cars. The goal for the weekend is simple, have fun, go fast and keep the car in one piece. Hopefully Dan will be back in for round two until the end of the year."

Teams are setting up at Sydney motorsport Park this evening in preparation for round one of the 2022 Australian Championship.

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