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Dallara F312/17 coming for 2021   
Story By: Administrator  Date: 20/10/2020 at 3:44:12 PM 
The Dallara F312/17 will be included in the Australian Formula 3 Championship for the first time next year as organisers have begun to turn their attention to the 2021 season. With the 2020 championship unable to proceed due to on-going border restrictions, the 2021 regulations are currently being developed which will include the Dallara F312/17 for the Championship Class running the current Australian-spec engines.

The most distinct feature of the Dallara F312/17 is the high-nose cone allowing for more streamlined airflow over the front of the car. The cars also come with the MEGA-Line paddle-shift as standard.

It’s the first time a new model has been included in the regulations since the 2012 Formula 3 Australian Drivers Championship. “With newer models being released I recent years, the Dallara F312/17 are starting to become more affordable for the Australian market whilst keeping the relative competitiveness of the entire field close.” Category Manager Ian Richards said. “It’s an important step in keeping the category both affordable and relevant.” Richards added.

2017 Australian Formula 3 Champion Calan Williams drove the Dallara F312/17 in Europe after he took the title for Gilmour Racing on his way to competing in the FIA Formula 3 Championship, whilst Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll both stepped straight out of a Dallara F312/17 into a Formula 1 drive.

Max Verstappen driving the Dallara F312/17 before stepping straight into Formula 1
Max Verstappen driving the Dallara F312/17 before stepping straight into Formula 1

Formula 3 Management are still hopeful of a stand-alone non-championship “Grand Prix” event at Sandown Raceway on November 27-29 as part of the Australian Motor Racing Series, however, the feasibility of that still rests with the borders allow teams to travel to take part.

Formula 3 Management alongside the AMRS are working to finalise the calendar for the 2021 Australian Formula 3 Championship.

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