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Formula 3 v S5000 - Who is Faster?!   
Story By: Administrator  Date: 19/09/2019 at 11:53:51 AM 
Just like everyone, we are also eagerly anticipating this weekendís inaugural S5000 race at Sandown. Anything that can generate fresh interest to real wings and slicks racing in this country can only be a good thing.

Both categories are claiming to be the fastest in the country, and both may very well be true depending on the circuit. Australian Formula 3 has less horsepower and hence a lower top speed, however far superior downforce and much higher cornering speeds. The techniques used to extract the best out of these Formula 3 cars is very adaptable to nearly all forms of motorsport. John Magro, Harri Jones, Ben Gerzekowski and Todd Hazelwood can all attest to that being immediately competitive in GT, Porsche GT3 and Supercars respectively. The S5000ís keep true to their DNA of great sounding V8 horsepower and a basic aero package, this results is fast cars down the straight and sliding in the corners which will no doubt thrill the spectators.

It is expected that on tighter circuits such as Winton, Sydney Motorsport Park etc, the Australian Formula 3 should be quicker, whereas on the power circuits such as Phillip Island, Sandown and perhaps even The Bend, the S5000 should prevail.

Looking at the comparisons itís easy to see where each car is superior, whether the fastest category is that which is quicker in a straight line, quicker in a corner or by lap-time is all subjective. Regardless, both categories have their place on Australian grids and any publicity either Australian Formula 3 or S5000 can generate to the Australian Open Wheel scene can only be positive!

Check out the comparisons below:

Sydney Motorsport Park

Queensland Raceway

Phillip Island

Winton Raceway

Category Manager Ian Richards samples an S5000
Category Manager Ian Richards samples an S5000

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