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Formula 3 drivers star in F1 test   
Story By: Administrator  Date: 9/08/2017 at 3:04:43 PM 
Current and Formula 3 graduates have starred in the Formula 1 mid season test.

2 current F3 drivers have stepped out of their current machinery and into current spec Formula 1 cars and impressed immediately going quicker than current F1 drivers! A number of Formula 3 graduates also impressed.

There is no doubt Formula 3 is a category (the only one in Australia) with the necessary relevance for young drivers aspiring to Formula 1.

Any young aspiring Aussies looking to follow in the footsteps of Daniel Ricciardo (2009 British Formula 3 Champion!), would certainly be putting a foot in the right direction by contacting on of our local Formula 3 teams on the 'Teams-Drivers' link at the top of the page to organise a 2018 drive. Teams will soon be looking at their 2018 line ups ahead of an exciting new era of Australian Formula 3.

See below the drivers who've put their Formula 3 experience to good use last week.

Hungary mid season F1 test:

Charles Leclerc (Fastest day 1, Ferrari) 2015 FIA European Formula 3 (4th)

Lando Norris (2nd quickest day 2, McLaren) Current FIA European Formula 3 (2nd)

George Russell (4th quickest day 1, Mercedes) 2012-14 FIA European Formula 3 (3rd)

Nikita Mazepin (6th quickest day 1, Force India) Current FIA European Formula 3 (12th)

Nicholas Latifi (7th quickest day 1, Renault) 2013-14 FIA European Formula 3 (10th)

Lucas Auer (7th quickest day 2, Force India) 2012-14 FIA European Formula 3 (4th)

Sean Gelael (8th quickest day 1, Toro Rosso) 2013-14 FIA European Formula 3 (18th)

Santonio Ferrucci (10th quickest day 1, Haas) 2014-15 FIA European Formula 3 (11th)

Nobuharu Matsushita (13th quickest day 2, Sauber) 2014-15 Japanese Formula 3 (1st)

Formula 3 drivers star in F1 test

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