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Formula 3 Management reply to recent comments   
Story By:  Date: 29/10/2016 at 4:16:14 PM 
Speedcafe's statement "New category to replace F3" is most perplexing as it does not accurately represent the actual position.

Firstly Formula Libre is a very old category dating back to the 1960ís.

Secondly Formula 3 is not being replaced.

Thirdly under Formula 3 Technical Regulations T2.4 there is a section called Invitation Class.

To quote "This class is for automobiles constructed in accordance with the appropriate regulations that applied in the year of manufacture as specified in any technical bulletins, amendments, clarifications or directives thereto, and subject to a current log book issued by CAMS or the the relevant ASN." Effectively Formula Libre by invitation.

This regulation has been in place for at least 8 seasons.

F3M has always provided an opportunity for TRS, for example, and other categories to enter.

In the past F3M has never received any competitor interest from these other categories.

To quote "Formula 3 cars are likely to form the bulk of the field".

To this end Formula Three Management look forward in engaging with CAMS and the as yet, unnamed promoter when their contract negotiations have concluded.

In line with current FIA time frames re chassis/engines (refer 2017 FAQ), offering long term stability, F3M has noticed increased competitor interest for 2017 and beyond.

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