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Formula 3 Management statement on CAMS Superlicence system for Supercars   
Story By:  Date: 13/10/2016 at 2:51:21 PM 
We applaud Supercars on their licence initiative in trying to get the best and properly experienced drivers into the main game.

However the points system that CAMS has proposed is flawed by any measure, and is so biased as to make the whole exercise absolutely pointless.

No such system exists in any other Championship in the world, domestic or otherwise other than F1.

Introducing the system with no retrospectivity harms opportunities for drivers who have already gone through the ladder system. We feel desperately sorry for drivers that did Australian Formula 3 and Australian Formula Ford in between 2012 through 2014 who had no knowledge that they would now be subject to this system.

If the system has no retrospectivity it means that CAMS can change the points value at any time, making it harder for young drivers to make decisions on their future.

By way of example taking lap times from Mount Panorama 2014 season the winner of the Supercheap 1000 set a new lap record of 2.07.4.

At the Easter Festival of Speed meeting that same year on a green track a Formula 3 car set a new outright record of 2.02.06.

It is beyond doubt it will take a higher skill level to achieve the above time than driving an F4 car for example around Sydney Motor Sport Park to set a qualifying time of 1.30.18, but to win in F4 you get 12 points.

But for an F3 driver to excel at what is considered to be one of the most demanding circuits in the world would only receive 5 points.

There is no linkage between the relative training values of each category and the point values, which leads us to assume that the reason it has been introduced is to apply a competitive constraint in the operation of some categories.

CAMS is showing yet again, that the decisions that affect our motor sport, are based on agendas and conflicted interests contrary to the best interests of all categories.


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