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2007 Championship Gallery:

|  N/C - Formula 1 ING Australian Grand Prix |

|  Round 1 - Eastern Creek A1GP |

|  Round 2 - Oran Park |

|  Round 3 - Phillip Island |

|  Round 4 - Mallala Raceway |

|  Round 5 - Eastern Creek II |

|  Round 6 - Phillip Island II |

|  Round 7 - Symmons Plains F3 SuperPrix |

|  Round 8 - Oran Park II |

|  Round 9 - Awards Presentation Night |

Round : Oran Park II
Photos By : Richard Craill

Chris Gilmour's 304 sits in the shed

TanderSport working

Leanne discusses the day ahead

F3A's new partner for 2008

BRM, well presented as always

Walter Grubmuller is back in ozF3

Charlie prepares for P1

Barton awaits the wet in P1



"No Camera's, I'm racing celeb Chris Gilmour!"

GC from above

New supporter for Timmy


Cars head out for the first practice session

Hollings at Speed

Wet Wet Wet

Nice lighting...

Hollings Prepares

Grubmuller in the cockpit

Exiting the pits.. quickly

.. same for Barry ..

Coming off the bridge

Tim entering the pits

Samy's back

CG with the eyes on

Sofi's a blurrrr

These were needed..

The Astuti team converses

Chris Barry's #6



Chris Barry


Parc Ferme

The cars line up


Two of the contenders..

The Gilmours

Dirk may be away, but Blacky has the arty stuff sorted..

Tim readies

..still readying..

Eyes on

Astuti make set

Tander from above

On the grid

The three contenders at it in R1

ready for the finale' to for Charlie

Macrow leads them


Cameras on the field

That winning moment for Tim Macrow

A great sporting moment - 1st and 2nd embrace

Happy scenes at Cooltemp / Scud

Tim and Bill Maddocks


A champion car

A winning Tyre

#1 for Macrow, Cooltemp, Scud...

Hollings in the rain

Barton's a blur.

Mat Sofi

Samy Reid

Over the dogleg


Some more art to end the year..

Three contenders. Final Round. 1 championship. Mega.


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