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2008 Championship Gallery:

|  N/C - Nikon Indy 300 F3 Challenge |

|  Round 1 - A1GP - Eastern Creek |

|  Round 2 - Clipsal 500 Adelaide |

|  Round 3 - Oran Park |

|  Round 4 - Mallala |

|  Round 5 - Phillip Island 1 |

|  Round 6 - Eastern Creek II |

|  Round 7 - Phillip Island II |

|  Round 8 - Symmons Plains F3 SuperPrix |

Round : Phillip Island 1
Photos By :

Lee Farrell

Piccola Scuderia in action

The Name says it all..

A shot from behind

Wakeman readies to test

Spare wings for BRM

Leanne with some tips for Ben

In the TanderSport pits

Leanne's 2008 wins..

This does downforcey stuff..

Magro exiting the pit bay

.. and then enters it again!

Wakeman in pit lane

Caratti: eyes on.

John Magro: Cool customer

Ash Samadi at speed

The scenery of Phillip Island

Southern Loop


The BRM cars..

.. were running close

Macrow gets some laps in the 307


Sofi: PI a favourite

Mat Radisich sports a new number

As he jumps into TanderSport

Setting sun in pitlane

TanderSport's IT guru, Louie!

Crighton into Pitlane

Samadi's new helmet

.. looks a bit like Kimi's!!

Nothing like a PI Arvo testing..

The lines of a Dallara F307

Leanne exits for one last run




Spray in practice

McFadyen exits the pits

Racing in the spray..

Winslow back in the BRM fold

Brian Sampson - '75 B1000 winner

Erm... close enough?

Reflecting in Pit Lane

More of those reflections

Mechanic Roger to Engineer JP: 'You want to do WHAT to the car?'

Finishing touches

Guess Who?

'What on EARTH is that in there?'


Sofi from above

Sometimes one wonders about Chris...

Who needs the GP when you have this????

It's one of the great views in motorsport

Macrow, Samadi, Close-ish.

The freight train





A flock!!

Caratti leads the pack

Justin Tate

Kumhos Here..

.. There and Everywhere!

Pushing on in parc ferme'



McFadyen and the scenery

Gilmour, over the hill!

Winslow at speed


Fixing the damage..

Is it just me, or would that house be great to own?

Ben Crighton

Race 1 is Go!

Winslow V McFadyen

Leanne led eary..

But Caratti chased

Mathew Radisich

They were like this a lot..


The pack

Stuie was quick

Huuuge lockup

S/C slows things down

the que

Battle for the lead

Mat Radisich

R2 action

Sofi, en route to podium

With BRM on the way to a 1-2


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