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2008 Championship Gallery:

|  N/C - Nikon Indy 300 F3 Challenge |

|  Round 1 - A1GP - Eastern Creek |

|  Round 2 - Clipsal 500 Adelaide |

|  Round 3 - Oran Park |

|  Round 4 - Mallala |

|  Round 5 - Phillip Island 1 |

|  Round 6 - Eastern Creek II |

|  Round 7 - Phillip Island II |

|  Round 8 - Symmons Plains F3 SuperPrix |

Round : Oran Park
Photos By : Dirk Klynsmith

Eyes on

.. And on ..

The waiting game

Hard at work


Chatting to the engineer

Hewland's finest

Pit Lane Peak hour

Lots of Kumhos

BRM and Mercedes

Piccola Scuderia

Craig and JP Discuss work


Camera's on


Mat Sofi Portrait

Joe Sasso - Piccola engineer

.. and his driver, McFadyen

Sam Astuti

Leanne just after practice

Justin Tate

Mat Radisich

On the gun

Checking the data

David Choon comes back

Stuart Kostera after an off

Nathan Caratti

Ben Crighton

Looking down on above

Justin Tate

John Whelan

McFadyen chats to Joe Sasso

Nathan Caratti and Engineer Craig

Nick Percat after an off

James Winslow in Astuti Motorsports' new ride

Crash damage #1

Crash damage #2

Crash Damage #3

Crash Damage #4

Crash Damage #5

Crash Damage #6

Crash Damage #7

Crash Damage #8

Crash Damage #9

Crash Damage #10

David Choon

McFadyen on a pole lap

Rod Anderson

John Whelan

Lee Farrell leads McFadyen


Ray at speed


And this is going, for houses?



Ash Samadi

Close up of Justin Tate

Ben Crighton

LT Hard at work

So Scenic

Chris Gilmour


John Whelan

Caratti looks on at the data gurus

Team owner BR looks after his troops

Stuart Kostera

Astuti motorsport works on the data

The Mill family at play!

Technical term: A 'Gaggle' of cars.

Mill at speed, from above


Info on hand

And more..

F3 Paddock in the morning

BRMs new rig (Right)

The Paddock, Sunday morning

Leanne leads into T2, Race 1

Mat Sofi

Nathan Caratti

The top 3 dice in race one

Kostera comes under pressure from McFadyen

Pressure mounts on the leader

Battle in the national class

Farrell had a horrible weekend

Winslow fends off Caratti

Nick Percat.. a rookie on fire!

Bunched up behind the S/C

Caratti holds off McFadyen

The infamous final turn

Winslow over the dogleg


Exiting the final turn

On the podium..

James Winlsow - a happy man

Leanne, clearly horrified at sight of the interviewer. Fair enough!

The happy race two podium, despite the rain!


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