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2007 Championship Gallery:

|  N/C - Formula 1 ING Australian Grand Prix |

|  Round 1 - Eastern Creek A1GP |

|  Round 2 - Oran Park |

|  Round 3 - Phillip Island |

|  Round 4 - Mallala Raceway |

|  Round 5 - Eastern Creek II |

|  Round 6 - Phillip Island II |

|  Round 7 - Symmons Plains F3 SuperPrix |

|  Round 8 - Oran Park II |

|  Round 9 - Awards Presentation Night |

Round : Phillip Island
Photos By :

A track map of Phillip Island

Wet Kumhos

More wet Kumhos

yep.. You guessed it.

Weather detail. Nice.

Art. Nothing more to say!

Suspenstion Ajustment

Piccola team member sees the light

GT working hard

Mugen Power was strong at PI

Cool Shot


Cleaning the rubber

"Oh for crying out loud, now what!"

R-Tek's truck - no expense spared!

This Way Round

The Stig in an F3 Car?

Leanne passes Mat

Charlie experiences Lukey Heights does Leanne..

..So does Mathew Radisich..

In the shadows of MG

James was fast, but dirty on Friday!

Ricky O back in the hotseat

Good god the Island is scenic, isnt it!

Rod Anderson in his 396

The sun was truly shining on Leanne

Daniel Schulz was impressive in National Class

Winslow see's the sea!

Any idea where PI is?

The scene at PI

Leanne looks like she's at Spa, or Hockenheim...

Rod was strong in Trophy..

..But Graeme Holmes was quicker in R1!

Winslow at speed

Mapelli, also at speed

Mat Sofi, The Hayshead, Phillip Island and the Sea!

Holmsey looks on

Parc Ferme'

The Southern Loop

Turns 1 & 2

Dissapearing behind the hill

Care for another comment about the scenery?

Chris Barry on his way to another National Class win


Stuie leads a gaggle

James Winslow. This is apparantly a natural pose!

The field into turn two

Winslow was clearly on top in R1

Dirky taking pics at his best!


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