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2007 Championship Gallery:

|  N/C - Formula 1 ING Australian Grand Prix |

|  Round 1 - Eastern Creek A1GP |

|  Round 2 - Oran Park |

|  Round 3 - Phillip Island |

|  Round 4 - Mallala Raceway |

|  Round 5 - Eastern Creek II |

|  Round 6 - Phillip Island II |

|  Round 7 - Symmons Plains F3 SuperPrix |

|  Round 8 - Oran Park II |

|  Round 9 - Awards Presentation Night |

Round : Formula 1 ING Australian Grand Prix
Photos By : Dirk Klynsmith

Charlie Hollings and his new logo..

The Melbourne skyline dominates the surroundings

Paul Ip - Working out how to get to the bar..

Henri Karjalainen - Trained by Rosberg, made like Raikkonen, Hakkinen..

Karl Reindler is back!

Reindler leads early in R1

Walter was fast, yet a mistake cost him in the first race.

..I did say he was FAST, though..

Hollings into turn three

Charlie (and the Bulldog) at speed

Scud Racing gets ready

Meet April. Today she's Dado Pena's umbrella girl; on other day's she's Tim Macrow's better half.

Total Developments #2 of Mat Sofi

Mat "The Mouse" Radisich

CERASport entry of Daniel Schulz

Daniel gets ready

Racing into turn 15

Another shot of the skyline

Karl and the BRM boys

Moreno Soeprapto - Happy to be on Oz

These noses have been kept clean. Geddit? ah, yeah.. right..

KR talking to some BMW Sauber mechanics visiting the F3 pits

The stunning livery on the James Winlsow #29 car

Phillip Forsman, from Sweeden, Shelters from the hot Aussie sun

A stunning, brilliant, uber (Enough, Dirk?) Shot of Karl

Gordon Campbell and a new livery for the #32 car

Moreno (Yes - he was named after Roberto) Soeprapto's Team Goddard car

Clash at turn 9, part 1

.. Part 2 ..

Leanne, battle scarred, was still fast in race 1

James Winlsow in action on Friday

Sweeden's Phillip Forsman (Aran Racing)

Data #3 driver Chris Barry

Macrow steams to a R2 Win

Walter Grubmuller

Karl Reindler rebounds from a tough Thursday

Trophy Class: Graeme Holmes

Lauren Gray

Tim Macrow leads Marco Mapelli

Leanne Tander

John Boothman leads a National Class pack

The mid-pack competition is intense this weekend!

The view of Tim Macrow, looking from P2..

An Aran Racing sandwich!


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